Your first visit to Dr. Sower's office establishes a vital foundation for our relationship. During your first visit we give you time to get to know Dr. Sowers and obtain important medical information and history. Please be sure and provide up to date medical information, along with the dosage and frequency of any medications you are taking.

Your first visit usually includes an x-ray that allows us to see your jaw structure, unerupted teeth and the roots of your teeth and bitewing x-rays that allow us to see between your teeth.

You may print out and complete your new patient paperwork prior to your appointment. Also please be sure and bring any dental insurance information you have. We will be happy to file your insurance for you. 

We enjoy welcoming new patients into our practice, and hope to build a lasting relationship with you. If you need any further directions, more information or have a question that has not been answered on the site, please give us a call!


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